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The weather today in Montazels

In general terms,  the Languedoc climate consists of hot dry summers, rainy winters and moderate springs and autumns with  around 300 days of sunshine a year.

Due to the size of the Languedoc the weather can vary considerably within its borders.

On the coast where sheltered by  mountains,  it tends to be sunnier and warmer than the inland areas. The mountains of course tend to be cooler, and valleys damper.

In winter the coastal plains of the Languedoc rarely freeze due to the influence of the Mediterranean sea.  Summer temperatures are frequently 30° C (80° F) , with the inland temperatures  a few degrees cooler in winter, and a few degrees warmer in summer.  On the Languedoc plains the rainfall is about  71mm (28 inches)  a year. Summer rain in Montazels  is infrequent and the days are long and dry with short heavy rains occurring  in autumn and  spring.

The beach at Narbonne with the Pyrenees in the background.The picturesque fishing village of Couliere.View from Montazels towards the Pyrenees.View on a winters day from Maison de Vignes' bedroom.

Languedoc  Temperature Guide.

Spring :   10°  to 22°C  (50°to 72°F)

Summer:   22° to 30°C  (72°F to 86°F)

Autumn:   11° to 24°C  (52°F to 75°F)

Winter:   3° to 15°C  (37°F to  59°F)

Maison de Vigne & Maison Loli.

 Beautifully restored holiday  gîtes in the Haute Vallée de  l’Aude region of the Languedoc in the  south of  France.

Street view of Montazels from the cottages. The sunday market at Esperaza. The river Aude at Limoux. The nearby medieval city of Carcassonne. Coustaussa Castle and Pech Cardou. Château de Serres.
The Cathar castle of Puivert.